B2B Lead Generation Requires A Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

What strategies and tactics are significantly increasing lead generation effectiveness in a complex sale situation?

What Is The Most Effective Marketing Tactic?

A study of marketers from across the UK showed that no single tactic stood out. The percentage range between the seventh most effective tactic (paid advertising) and most effective tactic (email marketing), was only 30 to 50 percent respectively.

The Leaky Bucket

Many B2B marketers spend a lot of time, metaphorically, pouring water into leaky buckets. Rather than fixing the bucket (the marketing funnel), they pour more water (traffic) into the bucket to keep it full.

This is a recipe for inflated acquisition costs and below-average results.

Does Lead Generation Still Work?

The good news was that a convincing 88 percent of marketers believe the effectiveness of lead generation is increasing to some extent, with 46 percent describing the increase as significant. Only 12 percent surveyed indicated that they continue to struggle with lead generation effectiveness.

So Why Multi-Channel?

We believe that exceptional lead generation results come from a relentless willingness to experiment with different tactics, and to combine tactics across multiple channels.

Only by experimenting, can you truly know what does and doesn’t work, and when you know this, you can use your time and budget more effectively to generate higher returns on your investment, and better lead generation results overall.

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