Getting the most out of your Direct Marketing campaign.

Why use Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing allows you to target your customers and generate a response. As a result, businesses can focus their limited marketing resources where they are most likely to get results.

A direct marketing campaign with a clear call to action can help you boost your sales to existing customers, increase customer loyalty, recapture old customers and generate new business.

Direct marketing campaigns can be precisely evaluated and measured, enabling businesses to test out different channels and analyse engagement results. It can deliver the best B2B results however choosing the right engagement channel is vital, some businesses are more receptive to receiving calls, others email and some prefer a nice written letter in the post.

An up-to-date, accurate database is vital.

Using high quality, accurate data is key to any campaigns success, if you are utilising a dataset that you bundled together back in 2017 the chances are a majority of your list is now incorrect and as a result the campaign will be a flop.

The price of a fresh, accurate dataset pales into insignificance with the cost of running a direct marketing campaign so it is in your interest to invest in this vital stage of the campaign.

One of the hardest elements of acquiring a dataset is finding out who you are looking to target and how you can classify them. This sounds easy however taking 'Owners of companies who need IT' and classifying it into industry SIC codes, can be a gruelling process.

Finding the right communication channel(s).

Different businesses prefer to engage via different channels, for instance the hospitality sector does not engage well via telephone channels as they are predominantly customer facing and the owner/decision maker will often not be in the building. Direct mail or email channels would be greater utilised as you will be able to schedule a time where they will be free to have that conversation.

This again is no easy feat to figure out without first testing the channels, sure you can make an educated assumption however beginning a campaign with a multi-channel approach will pay dividends in the long run as you can measure engagement through each channel and capitalise on the best performing.

Have a clear call to action.

You can invest in a perfect dataset, implement an elite telemarketing team, create jaw dropping content and design an eloquent direct mail campaign however if there is no clear call to action you will not get great results.

The main purpose of any direct marketing campaign is to generate a response, preferably a positive one however if there is not a clear call to action then the chances of getting a response are severely limited. Yes, you might get lucky a few times and be in the right place at the right time with the right solution but ultimately you want to maximise your response rate, not minimise it.

Analyse and utilise campaign performance data.

This is key to building your direct marketing strategy, if a campaign is unsuccessful don't just write it off as a failure, look into why it was unsuccessful, where did it fall short? and vice versa, if it was a massive success analyse what worked well and capitalise on those aspects.

Unlike other advertising methods, direct marketing enables you to calculate a break-even point, the number of sales you need to make to cover the cost of the marketing. In addition you can work out the cost per response (lead) and the campaigns (ROI).

Utilising this data will enable you to tweak your direct marketing campaign and improve your results.

If you want to explore any aspects of direct marketing further we are always on hand to help, just send us a quick message and we can arrange a time to chat.

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