Persona Informed Marketing transformed B2C, Can it work for B2B?

Within the B2C sector personalised marketing has worked wonders, Netflix offers tailored content via their recommendation algorithm keeping users informed & engaged, Coca Cola's 'Share a coke' campaign increased global sales by 2% and amazon's recommendation engine helped boost sales by 29% in its first quarter.

How can we translate these results to B2B? The two sectors significantly differ as B2B sales have a much longer, more complex cycle along with a smaller, niche audiences.

For B2B the principles of engagement remain the same, nobody wants to be a number. 'Hi there' just does not cut it anymore as B2C have set the precedent in regards to marketing personalisation and as a result B2B prospects expect all forms of marketing to be informed, personal and relevant.

In a nutshell personalised marketing is the ability to utilise data to tailor a campaigns message to directly involve an individual prospect. There is a limit to how far you can go without being intrusive however if you market to a variety of industry types you can create a segmented campaign that delivers a personalised message and tackles specific issues around that industry.

There are a vast array of marketing channels that you can utilise, each having their own merits however the ideal is still the same, make the message relevant & personal. This is easier to accomplish using direct marketing channels as you have full control over who you are targeting for what segment etc however with a little more effort this can be translated across to the digital world.

A study by IBM stated that when starting a B2B search for a product or service solution, decision makers prefer direct contact with the company, they value the idea of building a relationship and receiving personalised attention.

Knowing this, you have the opportunity to get ahead of your competition by taking the first steps to building a relationship by implementing a personalised marketing campaign and nurturing your prospects.

In short, we believe that Persona Informed Marketing is one of the most powerful tools that you can utilise to drive B2B sales and will become a key aspect of any B2B marketing strategy if its not already.

If you want to explore any aspects of direct marketing further we are always on hand to help, just send us a quick message and we can arrange a time to chat.

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