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Email marketing has been a strong B2B Marketing channel for the last 20 years and has consistently been utilised in B2B lead generation with great success.



The reason for the success of email marketing is that it has the lowest associated cost compared to any other marketing channel. This enables businesses to approach a mass audience within a short space of time. With email marketing, you can cast a large net however for an effective lead generation campaign you cannot solely rely on email marketing as a stand-alone strategy for business development. 



To get the best results and generate the most new business you must use more than one marketing channel, email marketing works well as a campaign introduction to create brand awareness however the real engagement comes via telemarketing channels.



Our in-house team can source the business data, design the email creative, split test, optimise, spam check and finally broadcast the email marketing campaign, connecting you with new business.



We will then supply you with a full report that includes all the measurable performance stats such as open rate & click through rate and utilise the enriched data across the rest of the direct marketing campaign.


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